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Welcome to the Parent Council section of our website


What is a Parent Council?

The Parent Council is a body which:

  • Enables parents to meet, share ideas and feed back to the school
  • Gives parents a voice and enables them to contribute to school decision making
  • Helps develop partnerships between the parents and the school
  • Has an advisory and consultative role which can inform the school’s decision making
  • Is a powerful tool for school improvement
  • Can transform the culture of a school
  • Acts in the best interests of the children of the school

What a Parent Council isn’t:

The Parent Council is not in place to deal with complaints from parents; this should be done through the usual school channels.

What will the Parent Council discussing?

A parent questionnaire will be analysed and priorities determined. Topics may include behaviour, homework, communication, etc.

Who are the Parent Council Members?

Ideally, the Parent Council consists of up to two parents per class across the school.