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Croeso i Criw Cymraeg!

Criw Cymraeg decided that we needed to do more to promote our 'Patrwm yr Wythnos', which is a new Welsh phrase we focus on each week. This week it is...

Every Thursday the Criw Cymraeg present a 'Welsh Assembly' to the whole school. In the assembly the children sing Welsh songs, say a Welsh prayer, listen to a story about Wales and a child and teacher is presented with an award for 'Welsh Speaker Of The Week'...look who won this week

As you know we are taking part in the Siarter Iaith initiative, which encourages children to use Welsh in and out of school as well as promoting a love for the Welsh language and culture! Here are some great Welsh language apps and websites that encourage Welsh reading!

Our Criw Cymraeg...they work so hard to develop positive attitudes towards using the Welsh language! Da iawn Criw Cymraeg󠁧