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Digital Leaders

Our Council Members 2023/24

Our digital leaders are enthusiastic members of our school who encourage and help others with ICT and help make important decisions such as where pupil produced information and data should be accessed and stored e.g. Restorative Approaches evidence. 

Meeting to set our our aims.

Our Aims

We want to:

Help people use ICT in school - Log in quickly and use the equipment

Make sure we look after the devices and equipment

Help the staff and pupils fix problems

Save energy and not waste electricity 

Make sure everyone uses technology

Ensure we are safe online


Why we want to be Digital Leaders?

I like my tablet 
I love technology 
Because I'm interested in IT
Help to look after the chrome books
Because I love to work on laptops and helping people on them. 



Our Interview with Liam from ICT Support

Liam was kind enough to spare some time and answer questions about his job.


EL: What device do you use most?

Liam: I use both laptop and Ipads. Ipads are very quick and easy but Laptops are more powerful.


LMC: How long have you been using computers?

Liam: Ive been using them for work over 6 years now. I used to have to type and work on them. This last year ive started fixing.


BL: Do you use Playstation or Xbox

Liam: I am a big Playstation fan, I love fortnite and Fifa games


LL: How can we help?

Liam: If you know there are jobs in school that need doing keep a look out so you can share with me every Friday.