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My name is Kylie Thomas and I am your new Family Engagement Officer here at Penyrenglyn. 


I am thrilled to have re-joined the dedicated team of staff in Penyrenglyn Community Primary School and I look forward to meeting you all on the gates each morning and after school. 


As Family Engagement Officer, my role within Penyrenglyn is to support the wellbeing of all children across the school, along with their families.  This means that if you want to meet with me to discuss any problems either at school or at home, I am available most days.  I will do my utmost to help you or, if it is beyond my expertise, I will seek advice and pass on my findings or resolutions to you as soon as possible.


Throughout the school day, I am available for children to discuss any worries or concerns they may have, and will support them to overcome difficulties. 


Part of my job will include improving Attendance and punctuality across the school.  My role is to help and support the children to improve their attendance and ensure that the children arrive at school on time each day. Improving attendance means that your child will get more out of their education and I am keen to help and support you as families to ensure that your child reaches their full potential.  If your child is unable to come to school due to sickness or other unavoidable circumstances, please can you contact reception or alternatively you can message me directly on Dojo.  


Safeguarding is also part of my job.  I am available to support the children and you as parents/carers through any safeguarding issues that may arise. 


I can also help and support with more personal issues, and I am only a telephone call away if you, or any family you are aware of, is struggling. I can help with things such as food-bank vouchers etc. 


I am keen to increase parent engagement within the school.  Increased parental-engagement means that bridges can be built between your child’s home/school life and improves communication.  This can include just a coffee and a chat some mornings to find out more about what you, our families want and need, or more structured activities.

I welcome any suggestions as to what sessions or activities you would like to see introduced to support you and your children.  Previous groups I have run have included Reading Rhondda, Families Connect, Family bingo nights, Cake making sessions, Parent and toddler sessions and Baby massage classes, as well as some basic skills Maths/English sessions to help you understand how the children learn in school.


About me: I live in the area and have two children so understand the challenges faced by parents in terms of day to day life with young children.  I am keen to get to work closely with our children here at Penyrenglyn and their families.    


I am also looking forward to working closely with our fantastic FOP (Friends of Penyrenglyn) to allow us to fundraise to provide extra curricular items/experiences for our children.


My aim is to ensure parents views are taken on board and strive to work together to keep improving the school to make it the best it can be for your children.


Please feel free to telephone me in school or message me via dojo if you have any concerns or queries or would like a chat.


I look forward to working with you all


Kylie Thomas

Family Engagement Officer