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  My name is Janine Morgan, and I am delighted to have joined the wonderful team of staff at Penyrenglyn Community Primary School as the Family Engagement Officer. In my previous school I worked very closely with the children and their families.  I understand the various challenges faced by parents on a day to day basis and I am here to help.


  As the Family Engagement Officer, my role is to support the children and their families.  I am very passionate about wellbeing and am able to use a variety of strategies to provide wellbeing support.  If you would like to discuss any issues or problems either at school or home, I am available most days.  I will also aim to be out and about in the school playground at the start and end of the school day as much as possible. I will do my absolute best to help you or if it is beyond my expertise I will seek advice and guidance and pass on my findings to you as quickly as possible.


  I am available daily to the children to discuss any concerns or worries that they may have and will provide strategies and support them to overcome difficulties.  I work closely with outside agencies who can help and support the children.


  I would like to work closely with parents and carers and would welcome suggestions of groups or activities you would like to see introduced to support the children and their families.


  A key part of my role as Family Engagement Officer is to support attendance and punctuality.  This is a very important aspect of school life and I am keen to raise attendance levels.  If you should have any suggestions or concerns regarding attendance please feel free to discuss them with me.


  My aim is to work together with the children and their families to keep improving the school to make it the best it can be for the children.


  I am very much looking forward to getting to know you and working with you.


Janine Morgan