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Uniform Information


Our school uniform fosters a feeling of community and identity. It includes:

  • Red V-necked sweater with/without school logo
  • White Polo Shirt
  • Grey trousers/ grey skirts
  • Black Shoes/Trainers

In the Summer term, a red/white gingham school dress or grey shorts may be worn.


The PE kit includes:

  • black shorts
  • white T-shirt
  • a pair of black plimsolls/trainers
  • a named PE bag (no rucksacks please as we have limited storage in our cloakrooms).


Please ensure all clothing is clearly marked with the name of the pupil.

Jewellery is not permitted in school because the school can not accept responsibility for lost items and it is a potential source of injury to the wearer and other children particularly during PE and play times. The only exception to this rule is an item that can not be removed due to its religious significance. Physical Education is compulsory and it is a parents’ responsibility to ensure that ear piercings do not prevent a pupil taking part in Physical Education. If children have only recently had their ears pierced then their parents should cover their ears with surgical tape, otherwise, please make sure their earrings are removed before they come to school. This is also necessary for any jewellery with religious significance.



It is extremely difficult to locate owners of school uniform if the items are not named. Please ask at the school office if you wish to look in the lost property boxes. At the end of each term, any unclaimed property will be given to a local charity clothing store or recycled.