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Meet the Staff




Headteacher: Karen Jacobs B.Ed (Hons) NPQH


Deputy Headteacher: Mr Owen Wrangham


Clerk: Dona Sarsby


Caretaker: Jane Jones 


Teaching Staff:

Dosbarth Gwyrdd: Year 5 & Year 6        Mrs Amy Sprague (ALNCo)

Dosbarth Indigo: Year 4 & Year 5           Mr Owen Wrangham (Deputy Headteacher)


Dosbarth Arian: Year 2 & Year 3             Mrs Donna Tasker (Senior Leader)

Dosbarth Gwyn: Year 2                           Ms Louise Guy

Dosbarth Oren:  Year 1 & Year 2            Mrs Joanne Hanly

Dosbarth Coch: Reception                     Mrs Michelle Ottery (covered by Ms Megan Nickels)

Dosbarth Enfys: Nursery Manager         Ms Lisa Lewis (Level 4)


Family Engagement Officer (FEO): 

Mrs Janine Morgan


Learning Support Assistants (LSAs):

Sue Green (HLTA: Level 4)

Harriet Ellis (covered by Kirstyann Baker)

Amanda Kinsey

Vicky James

Sue Lewis

Louise Richards

Jenna Gregson 

Taylor Cross 

Shelley Eskins

Courtenay Evans

Sophie Rowlands (1:1)

Alex Rees (1:1)

Ashley Jones (1:1)


Midday Assistants:

Vicki Goodenough

Carol Howells

Sheree Evans

Cath Moody

Pam Harris


Other Staff

Cleaners are employed by Solo Service Group.

Breakfast club and kitchen staff are employed by RCT Catering Services.