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Our Aims and Values



PENYRENGLYN PRIMARY: Inspiring Ambition!


Penyrenglyn Primary aims to provide an education of excellence that will inspire ambition and creativity in a safe and supportive learning environment in which adults and children can strive for success.



Penyrenglyn Primary School aims to develop children as:

1. ambitious, capable, determined learners, ready to learn throughout their lives

2. enterprising, creative contributors, ready to play a full part in life and work

3. ethical, informed, respectful citizens of Wales and a diverse world

4. healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued, equal members of society

5. kind, trustworthy friends ready to help and support others



To achieve our aims, the curriculum and school life at Penyrenglyn Primary is underpinned with universal positive human values:




                                 Respect             Co-operation           Helpfulness                        


                                            Friendship                Kindness


Equal Opportunities Statement

Penyrenglyn Community Primary School promotes equal opportunities and inclusion in all aspects of school life and is firmly committed to addressing prejudice, discrimination and harassment concerning race, gender, disability, sexuality and age. The school aims to achieve equality and equity for all including those with Additional Learning Needs.

Copies of the schools Equality Scheme are available upon request from the Headteacher.


Commitment to the Welsh Language

Penyrenglyn Community primary School is committed to making a positive contribution to the development of the Welsh language and will:

  • treat the Welsh language no less favourably than English
  • encourage Welsh speakers to take advantage of the services they have the right to receive from us in Welsh, and
  • provide training and support for all staff to encourage them to use the Welsh language.